Discover how Glaaster can help you

Glaaster allows you to adapt reading texts for your child’s dyslexia with just a photo, thanks to artificial intelligence! This way, each text is tailored to your child’s needs, for easier reading and improved understanding. Plus, homework becomes a game with a unique reward system!

How to achieve this ?

.1 Take a picture of the text with the app

Regardless of the format: photo, image, PDF… Just upload the document to the platform and that’s it

.2 The AI adapts it the the child needs

Glaaster’s artificial intelligence customizes texts specifically for each user and their dys disorders, including dyslexia. These adaptations enable simplified reading and improved understanding. Here is the first AI for dyslexics !

.3 Organize and schedule your homework properly

To support your child’s academic success, it is now very easy to organize their work via the calendar and digital notebooks.

.4 Earn rewards by doing your homework

What if doing homework became a game? It’s now possible! Each completed homework assignment earns rewards. As a parent, you even have the option to add the rewards you want directly in the online store!

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