Artificial intelligence for dyslexics

Antoine, who is dyslexic and struggled with it during his childhood, has become an artificial intelligence engineer. Now, he wants to assist children with dyslexia who face reading challenges. Together with Baptiste, they founded Glaaster and are collaborating with the Lyon Center for Neuroscience Research to develop a solution !

Build with CRNL

The Lyon Center for Neuroscience Research (CRNL) brings together the multidisciplinary expertise of 450 members to decode the organization of the central nervous system, cognitive functions, mental states, and associated brain disorders.

In an unprecedented move, some of CRNL’s top researchers are partnering with Glaaster to create the first artificial intelligence capable of improving the reading abilities of children with dyslexia and multiple learning disorders.

Eddy Cavalli, Phd

Researcher, Lecturer

"My research work is related to the fields of Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psycholinguistics, and Cognitive Neuroscience with a special interest in the area of language, learning, and neurodevelopmental disorders, primarily dyslexia. I strongly believe in the Glaaster project, with which I collaborate, because their approach is what I consider to be the right one."

Alice GOMEZ, Phd

Researcher, Lecturer

"I am conducting research in cognitive neuroscience to understand the neurocognitive mechanisms of motor coordination disorder. I am extending this research theme around the contribution of cognitive sciences to inclusive education through scientifically based practices in the cognitive field. The use of AI and the combination of our expertise in neuroscience with Glaaster's in artificial intelligence are the key to a high-performance tool."

They speak about it better than we do !

Dr. Dorothée LEUNEN
Dr. Dorothée LEUNENNeuropsychologist
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« I support Antoine and Baptiste's project because I strongly believe in its potential. Moreover, I assist them with the clinical study part.»
Claire CALIZZANOSpeech therapist
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« I follow the project with great attention. I help in its construction so that its content is effective and matches my work »
Celie CHAMPOccupational therapist
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“A promising solution due to its ease of use. This is what I look for in the tools I recommend to the families I support.”
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